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BMW is one of the companies that have produced transportation equipment ranging from aircraft to cars. In fact it can be said that the BMW production car is one of the cars included in the luxury car category. All car series issued by BMW has the look and characteristics that you can only find in BMW cars. In the 0-60 times test, BMW needs an average of 5-6 seconds to reach 60MPH or 13-16 seconds to reach ΒΌ miles. BMW does not favor speed, but luxury in terms of accessories and parts. That's why almost all BMW series have expensive prices.

With prices that are fairly expensive, you will not lose because you will get a variety of luxuries that you only have in a BMW car. For BMW quality, there is no doubt. The price of the car does show a quality that is given. The following is an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of two types of BMW car series:

- BMW 320i E90
The interior design used adheres to the typical driver-oriented style that is on the dashboard and console panel whose position is facing the driver's seat, making the buttons easier for the driver to reach when driving. It can be said that the engine used is actually normal, but the control of this car is very good when compared to the previous type. Coupled with the DSC feature that can avoid the risk of the car from the symptoms of oversteer and understeer when the car is on a sharp bend.

- BMW 318i E36
The type of BMW 318i E36 is the lowest type of BMW car in the E36 family. The engine that is carried only 1.8-liter 4-cylinder in line so that the power produced is also relatively small, even the output power can be defeated by a 1.6-liter engine from the production of Toyota and Honda. In the interior, there are dashboard and panel designs that are the same as other car variants, but unfortunately, the features of this car are minimal.