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If the legal process reaches the court, the important thing in the legal process before the court is related to the verification of the case faced by the lawyer. Lawyers who are professional in defending and or defending the legal interests of their clients are expected not only to be able to present witnesses that are only for formalities but must be more than that, so that the lawyer has the responsibility to choose witnesses and audit other evidence for can be filed in court, thus the witness presented by the fact witness and truly competent (not a false witness). This strategy of selecting witnesses' presence is what the lawyer will play in every case handling until it can be accounted for before the law or in front of the client itself. Do you wonder how Chantel Grant can help you get the best lawyer?

Not only that, in order to guarantee professionalism in carrying out the best profession, a lawyer must be able to provide the best service for the client (customer service), so that the client can assess and believe in the quality of the work in question. So it is necessary to be cautious of each prospective client in choosing or determining the lawyer to be used in handling the legal matters that he is facing, with the intention of not being mistaken in choosing a lawyer. Do these following things when you go to find out the trusted lawyer!

- Research and ensure that the lawyer has never been involved in legal and legal mafia workshops.

- Ensure that lawyers are the type who are highly dedicated to their profession, and truly work for the benefit of their clients by always being active in providing information on the development of cases entrusted to their clients, not lawyers who are only good at speaking and asking for tariffs only but cannot defend the interests of its clients with the lack of information on the development of the case being handled.

- If you are in doubt about the credibility of an attorney, ask for a photocopy of the license (license) that is officially issued by the Advocate Organization in Indonesia, for example by visiting the website or the official website of law firms and if necessary by asking directly through the contact column official provided.