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It really attracts my attention and curiosity what is the true meaning of this "boudoir photography" sentence? Only To Be Seen The "He". After checking and collecting data in the field. It turns out that the sentence really contains a thick element of feminism. Thick as the word "feminism" itself.

Sexy but sweet, tempting but simple, that is the concept offered by a photography company in the UK for a bride and groom couple. You will get photography that was never imagined before.

Photography art is better known as boudoir photography, which will make you feel closer / more intimate, more sensual and more relaxed. The term boudoir itself is taken from French, which means pouting or sneering (sorry, it's rather difficult to find a translation, of course), because in the old day's French women if they were cranky and would go into her bedroom so she could frown freely.

The owner of this company is now so popular, Amy Wood gets 10 emails every day from women around the world who want to know more about boudoir photography. Amanda George, a prospective bride, said that she wanted to give her husband a different wedding present, namely photos of her bride that only to be seen by her "future" husband.

Boudoir Photography looks more natural, soft and sensual, not erotic. Amanda George said, "I think it's okay to be sexy for your husband".

Many women who take boudoir photography photos as a gift for their fiancee or husband or for themselves as a celebration of an achievement he achieved such as weight loss. This photo shoot was done by a female photographer so that it was awake.

That's it for the info regarding the boudoir that we may share with you this time. Although it's such a short article, we do hope it helps you to understand more about this type of a unique photography.