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First, at this time many condotels are offered even when the construction of the building does not exist yet. Initial investors who buy will get a much cheaper price because it helped finance the construction of the property. This will provide a higher risk for investors. Meanwhile, check out the excellent stirling residences launch as well.

Second, note also the rental guarantee scheme offered. Warranty is usually limited, only for a few years, or retroactively with a percentage that will decrease over time. After the warranty period, there is usually a profit-sharing scheme based on the hotel occupancy rate, with a certain ratio between the investor and the manager.

Although the value of the profit you will receive later in the net value (income tax will be deducted from the profit given periodically), but in fact, you also pay maintenance, operational, marketing and fee for the hotel management.

The amount of theĀ stirling residences launch owner of the unit will be proportional in accordance with the units it has. There are usually certain ratios for this revenue sharing, popular ones are 50:50 and 60:40 for investors.

Thirdly, the right to stay in a hotel should be considered as an additional profit or return. For those of you who buy a condotel in a favorite location that will often be visited, an investor can be more profitable because you can more often enjoy units that have been purchased.

Fourth, unfortunately, the rights to unit owners can change in the long run. Usually, the majority of the owner of the unit is the developer or hotel management, and silent investors so no need to wonder if the longer the stay or the privileges that you receive when staying, will be more reduced.

Fifth, Note also your other rights yes. Such as property rights that can be strata title or use rights. In a horizontal building, the right to a plot of land and public facilities used shall be shared with all owners proportionately.

Sixth, in America today condotel offerings are closely watched by the government through the SEC. Because different from the house, condotel is an investment scheme so many aspects to consider when buying it.