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The ability to write academic essays is a fundamental need in the world of education. We need to know how to make academic essay writing that is good for the success of studying at school or college. Here are some good ways to write academic essays.

- Know the purpose of writing
Knowing the purpose of writing can make it easier for us to find ideas and determine the appropriate essay format. One type of academic essay that is often used as a school or college assignment is an argumentative essay. The purpose of the argumentative essay is to provide a perspective on a problem based on a literature review or research.

- Create a writing framework
The writing framework can help us map ideas. We can pour ideas into a list of short sentences or diagrams. To enrich the idea, we should diligently read and access information. In addition to books in the library, articles on the internet can also be a good source of inspiration.

- Develop essays according to structure
A good essay has a clear structure so that the ideas we convey are easily understood by the reader. In general, the structure of an academic essay consists of at least two main parts, namely thesis, and argumentation. The thesis becomes the introductory paragraph or the first paragraph which contains the main idea that we propose. Argumentation includes reasons and evidence that supports the main idea. Therefore, the argumentation usually becomes paragraphs of essay developers. In addition to theses and arguments, we can also add conclusions at the end of the essay to summarize the ideas we have described. This conclusion is often referred to as the closing paragraph.

- Make sure each paragraph has a topic sentence
Every paragraph in an academic essay should start with the topic sentence. The topic sentence represents the focus of the arguments that we convey so that it contains important information. The topic sentence is followed by supporting sentences that develop the argument.