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Driving is an activity that is very dependent on the sense of sight or the eyes. After the eyes provide information about the surrounding state to the brain, other organs will provide response what action will be done a driver. Therefore, eye health is very important if you want to travel safely and comfortably. However, the driving activity also has considerable potential in causing eye disorders. For it is important for the driver to know the various disturbances that can happen so you can drive safely. Before you can rent Range Rover with various types at, there are mandatory things that you need to obey and apply to keep your safety while driving by keeping your eyes healthy. Because as long as you travel, the eye is the most important source to know the state of the road you are going through.

While driving, the concentration of the driver will focus on the road, making the eyes rarely to blink. This certainly makes the surface of the eyes will dry faster. In addition, continuous AC blowing helped make air humidity in the car is reduced. To overcome the dry eye problem, the driver should blink more often. However, for some drivers who have a tendency of dry eyes, of course, this is not enough. So, this can be overcome by using drops that are lubricating the eyes. The high intensity of light and focus on the eyes can cause loss of the ability to see for a moment. However, with the speed of a car high enough, the loss of vision even though an instant can still invite danger. Like when driving in the morning and afternoon, when the sun is low enough and the reflected light can directly pierce into the eye. Use the existing sun visor on the vehicle to block out the sunlight or use black glasses.

In addition, when other drivers always turn on the hazard lights when heavy rain, of course, this will be very disturbing for other drivers, especially those behind the vehicle. Reflection of light from the hazard lights can make eyes tired and reduce the sensitivity of the brake lights. Faced with this, it is important for the driver to add a safe distance to the vehicle or may also precede it if conditions permit. Because the eye is an important part while driving. It is important for the driver to avoid such disturbances as above. With a healthy eye for driving will be more comfortable and safe, so that driver safety will be more awake.