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When you pass an event, usually you will see the number of cone tents lined up to protect all the goods sold there. The tent is indeed considered as the right tent for the bazaar for several reasons. For me to get it you can also visit the website and cone tents that suit your activities and needs.

There are several reasons why the tent is always chosen for the bazaar event. some reasons are

1. cone tent has a unique shape. The conical roof is a distinctive part and makes it attractive as a venue for the event. This then made this tent much in demand.

2. Then the selection of the Sarnafil (cone) tent makes the event seem monotonous with a different tent look.

3. Decoration to complement the beauty of the tent can be pinned with a simple and complicated concept

4. The installation is also more diverse, not only on land in a limited area. This tent is suitable to be installed on the beach, villa, or garden that can be used as a wedding reception location.