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Before going to, make sure you know this first. Basically, the best web hosting will have its own characteristics and able to demonstrate the capabilities and advantages in various aspects needed in website development. If you do not want to choose wrong in finding the best and quality web hosting, here we explain some of its characteristics.

1. Professional and Able to Guarantee

The best web hosting will guarantee that the website can be accessed even under any circumstances (such as natural disasters). Since your website is shortly online, it means money will be wasted. No problem to use web hosting a little more expensive, provided there is a guarantee to stay online.

2. Maximum Performance

This performance includes aspects of speed and uptime. The higher the percentage value of a server's uptime the better. Good hosting should have at least 99% uptime. The more uptime value near 100% the better. The opposite of uptime is downtime. If a server has a 99.5% uptime value then the remaining 0.5% is the downtime value. Downtime means the server is dead so it can not be accessed.