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Sono Bello or also spelled Sonobello cost is a leader in the cosmetic industry in the United States. Actually, Sono Bello has become the best place to do plastics surgery. The thing that makes it become the most favorite place to do plastics surgery is, Sonobello cost is reasonable. The service they give is worth it.


Sono Bello has become the most excellent body transformation service because Sono Bello is using cutting-edge technology. There are 3 standards of excellence for Sono Bello, specialization, experience, and customize.

Sono Bello offers quite a lot of services, there is a facelift, the micro-laser lipo with trisculpt, the trisculpt E/X, the power-assisted liposuction, and the venus freeze and venus legacy. We would like to explain all the services that provided by Sono Bello.

First of all, there is a facelift. This facelift treatment can be done for men and women. This treatment is used for removing fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Second, they have the micro-laser lipo with trisculpt. This treatment is a liposuction technology that will give tighter and slimmer look.

Third, there is the trisculpt E/X. this treatment is a combination between liposuction and removing sagging skin. This treatment will give tighter and sculpted look. Next, there is power-assisted liposuction. This treatment is a treatment that will make the skin smoother and looks younger.

Last but not least, there is venus freezy and venus legacy. Venus freezy and venus legacy is a treatment that is using radio frequency and magnetic pulses. This treatment is made for developing the woman’s figure.

As we all know, the cost of Sono Bello is reasonable. It means that the patient will get the best result with that price. From PriceListo’s data, the cost of Sono Bello is around $1300 per area for the trisculpt treatment. While for the facelift by Sono Bello, it cost around $2900 per area.