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Going to may prove that you are seeking more info about ayahuasca retreat. For your information, ayahuasca is a visionary medicine, which means that the hallucinations, unicorns, and colors aren't a priority. The priority is healing, which comes in many forms. Believe it or not, ayahuasca opens the door of perception. Aside from that, it brings the vision from even the most unexpected angles.

A visionary medicine is a medicine that brings the wisdom, which that brings the individuals healing on the levels that are beyond that of the mind. When you plan to take ayahuasca, make sure your main reason is healing. Don't forget to also pay attention to what you need to do and the ones you should avoid which affect the result you'll get. Don't hesitate to call us for any inquiry or to be the part of those who find their own path for the holistic healing.