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The simple yet important guide for your child health care

Efforts to maintain the health of children can be done through everyday behavior. Familiarizing the Small Eating nutritious food or washing hands before and after meals are healthy habits that play an important role in protecting the Little from the point of the various seeds of disease. Habits are planted early on will be the basis of the pattern of life of the child until he was an adult. Let's refer to the tips in keeping the child's health is important for mothers to know. Meanwhile, you can check out more tips for your family at The Family Fitness Food review .

Reduce intake of high sugars

Children are happy to eat sweet foods, such as cookies, candy, chocolate, bread, and so forth. This is natural because the sugar content in food can stimulate the expenditure of endorphins that make the Small feel relaxed and happy. As a result of that effect, he wanted to eat sweet foods and drinks.

However, mothers need to know that eating too many sweet foods can be bad for your baby's health. He is at risk of obesity and other nutritional deficiencies from consuming too much sugar. Consumption of excess sugar can also damage the health of teeth.

Wash your kid's hands diligently

The World Health Organization (WHO) encourages everyone to wash their hands with soap to prevent germs from entering the body. Mothers can teach this habit to the Little since the early part of the effort to maintain the health of children. Invite him to wash his hands at certain times, such as before and after meals, after using the toilet, when just got home from traveling, and when to sleep. Ideally, hand washing activities are carried out under running water for 20 seconds using soap, as well as with the correct technique.

Sleep regularly

Children need much more sleep than adults. Meet the needs of the baby is an effective way to maintain the child's health. Sleep needs of children aged 1-3 years, for example, is 12-14 hours per day. Meanwhile, children aged 4-6 years need to sleep as much as 11-13 hours per day. Meet the needs of the Little Sleep and create a regular sleep pattern, as part of the formation of a healthy lifestyle.