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Type of Biological Therapy, Latest Treatment for Cancer

Cancer is identical to the degenerative conditions of the body with slow damage due to abnormal cell growth in certain body parts. Treatment of cancer itself is different. Starting from using chemotherapy drugs, radiation therapy, surgery, or a combination of the three. In addition to these three types of intervention, currently also known as a new method of biological therapy. If you want to get rid of cancer, you can also visit hope 4 cancer.

Differences in biological therapy with other methods of cancer therapy
Both biological therapy and chemotherapy work by damaging cancer cells, but the way they work is different.

Chemotherapy works by triggering the death of cancer cells that have spread (metastasized) before cancer intervened with surgery or cancer cells that are left over from chemotherapy and radiation treatment methods. Chemotherapy uses certain chemicals. However, often this method produces damage to the cells around the growth of cancer.

While biological therapy works by damaging cancer cells directly or indirectly by triggering the immune system reaction to attack the cancer cells. Biological therapy uses living organisms, whether produced from within the human body or in laboratories that are deliberately designed to fight cancer cells.

Currently, there are various applied biological therapies to treat cancer. Here are some types of biological therapies that have been developed.

1. Immunotherapy
Immunotherapy is a therapeutic method that triggers immune system work, especially white blood cells, to detect damage and attack abnormal cells from cancer development. In addition, immunotherapy also aims to encourage the process of anticancer immune response and improve the immunosuppressive effects caused by cancer cells.

2. Monoclonal antibodies
Also known as MAb, this cancer therapy method uses one component of the immune system in the form of genetically modified antibodies between humans and mice. MAb has several mechanisms to fight cancer cells. Among them is by stimulating the immune reaction to fight cancer cells, inhibit damage caused by cancer cells, and prevent tumor growth.

3. Cytokine therapy
Cytokine therapy is performed using interferon (INF) and interleukin (IL) proteins to enhance the immune response against cancer cells. Cytokines also play a role in promoting the production of blood cells, this effect is also used to overcome the side effects of chemotherapy that can affect the production of blood cells.