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Watch Some of These When Watching Movies in a theater

Currently, to find entertainment there are many ways you can do, from going to the mall to watching movies in theaters. To watch a movie in the cinema, you also need to buy a ticket so you can enjoy the movie. however, make sure that you bought it first. If you don't know the exact price of the ticket, then you can see it at AMC ticket prices.


If the cinema ticket is in your hands, then you no longer need to queue to get the ticket. However, when watching a movie in a cinema, you must pay attention to some of these things for the convenience of many people. Some things that you must pay attention to are

1. Keep your feet in position
This often happens, when you are accidentally or not even aware that your feet have disturbed the audience in front of you. Usually, you put our feet on their seats. this will make them uncomfortable with your treatment. make sure that your foot position is correct and does not disturb other audiences.

2. Search for films according to your age
Sometimes, cinema officers neglect to see an audience who buys movie tickets. They often do not see the age listed, in the film so that all people of various ages can enter the theater. For that, you need to ensure that the film is appropriate and appropriate for your age.

3. Keep clean
Almost in all theaters will prohibit penton from bringing food and drinks from outside, so you must be able to obey these rules by not bringing food or drinks from outside and only buying them in the cinema. This is also to maintain cleanliness in the theater and help the janitor so that there is not too much garbage in the theater.
The three things above are what you should pay attention to because you cannot carelessly act in public places such as cinemas.